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Sonia Sanchez, 2009 --  President

Favorite spot on campus - Doe Library and FSM! I spent many hours there, but I'll always recall the 24-hour 'Finals Week' sessions with my best friend as we deliriously tried to stay awake and study.

Favorite spot in NYC -  As cliche as it sounds, Central Park, especially because of the seasons - which we don't have in California!

What do you remember most about your time as a Cal student? The diversity of EVERYTHING - the people, the food and coming from LA, all the nature! It was such an awesome experience meeting people from all over the world, getting to eat a different cuisine every night of the week, and being able to get away from the city, just by walking through campus.

Kathy Yamato, Vice President

Garry Parton, Treasurer

Lilly MacEachern, Secretary

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Lauren Keyson, 1981 -- Communications

Favorite spot on campus - Doe Library, it has one of the finest research collections in the country.

Favorite spot in NYC - Central Park - the statues have personality!

Favorite part of being on the board -  Camaraderie.

What do you remember most about your time as a Cal student? Hanging out at my boyfriend's frat house.

Rebecca Hu, 2011 -- Board Member

Hometown - San Francisco
Time in NYC - Over a year
Favorite spot on campus - Tie between the music library and the RSF
Favorite spot in NYC - Sipping a coffee at the Great Northern Food Hall and enjoying the beauty of Grand Central

Steve Mintz, 1971 -- Board Member


Hometown - Dallas
Time in NYC - Over half my life
Favorite spot on campus - Studies:     Using my Stack Pass for Doe Library -- Sifting thru the volumes
Time off:    Eucalyptus Grove
Favorite spot in NYC - There is a spot on the East River Bikeway between the Brooklyn and Manhattan Bridges
Especially in the evening -- a breath taking vista -- below and between 2 bridges and Brooklyn across the river

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Jim Williams, 1982 -- Board Member

Favorite spot on campus - The Chemistry Library.  I worked as a librarian so I had keys to the office which contained an IBM Selectric II typewriter with correction tape built in – it was a real luxury to write lab reports and be able to correct my typing as I went!

Favorite part of being on the board - Enjoying games with fellow alumns.  It is as close to being in Memorial, Haas, Edwards, etc.; stadiums…as possible.

What do you love most about being a Cal bear? Wherever I’ve been in the world, I’ve seen the script Cal logo and could shout “Go Bears” and get a big smile.

Philip Zhou, 2012 -- Board Member

Hometown: Xiamen (China)
Time in NYC: 2013 – Present
Favorite spot on campus: La Burrita
Favorite spot in NYC: Cienfuegos (winter) and Frying Pan (summer)

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